ADD / ADHD Testing & Evaluations

Do you see your child suffering in school? Are you worried that you or your child may have problems with learning? Edmonton ADHD offers consultations and diagnostic evaluations for Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Our evaluations are in-depth and multi-modal in nature. We coordinate our assessments with other professionals involved in your child’s well-being including teachers, day care providers, and pediatricians.

Components of an ADHD Evaluation

  • In-depth structured interview with family members, client, and teachers
  • Rating scales addressing inattention, hyperactivity and social-emotional difficulties
  • Intelligence testing
  • Achievement testing
  • Consideration of the child’s or adolescent’s emotional functioning
  • Observation of child or adolescent’s skills during play or work

ADHD ADD Attention Deficit Disorder Treatment & Testing for Adults and Children in Edmonton, Alberta using Neurofeedback and other Brain-Based Approaches The Diagnosis of ADHD

The diagnosis of ADHD is best made by a clinician who uses all of the pertinent and available information. The diagnosis is not made by a behavior rating or by a test although they provide useful and necessary information.

The basic recommended steps to make a diagnosis of ADHD include:

  1. a comprehensive medical, social, and psychological history,
  2. an interview of the individual, in part to assess self-esteem and coping strategies,
  3. behavior ratings from the classroom teacher and parents.
  4. a symptom behavior check list (based on DSM IV) to accurately determine the presence and severity of symptoms,
  5. review of any previous medical, psychological and educational assessments to determine whether there are additional problems that need to be taken into account,
  6. Continuous Performance Tests like the IVA and the T.O.V.A. to accurately measure attention, impulsivity, and related behaviors, and
  7. consideration of referrals for additional psychological and educational assessments as well as neurological and medical consultations.


Learn more about our treatment and assessment steps here and contact the team at Edmonton ADHD to learn more.