Our Educational and Performance Program

There are several new, natural, non- invasive approaches to helping both children and adults learn to self-regulate their brain waves, improve their perceptual-cognitive skills, and heighten their working memory to enable them to focus more efficiently and maintain their concentration for extended periods of time.

Unlike stimulants, BrainCore neurofeedback training has shown to have a direct long term effect on increasing the person’s ability to remain focused (decreased slow wave activity) and spend extended periods of time concentrating in a problem solving manner (increased fast wave activity).

In addition, neurofeedback has shown to have a similar effect to stimulants in that it increases the child’s “natural guards” to inhibit or avoid impulsive actions. Children already taking medication can continue while training. In most cases it is possible to gradually reduce the dosage as self-regulation is mastered. Frequently, the need for medication is eliminated.

Neurofeedback training is the opposite of therapy or treatment by means of medication. In neurofeedback training, children quickly recognize that no one is doing “it” to them. They are totally in control, responsible, empowered and working it out for themselves. This feedback is nothing more or less than a useful tool which allows them to learn self-regulation.

The ADD/ADHD program offered by Edmonton ADHD typically takes approximately five to six months to complete depending on the severity of the symptoms that the client is experiencing. The services offered in our program may be covered by your extended health care benefit plan or may be claimed as a medical expense on your income tax return.

For more information about this alternative therapy, including videos, please visit our Resources page.