“After my son’s ADHD diagnosis I wasn’t given many treatment options other than medication. After attending one of John’s Information sessions, I was interested in the possibilities of bio and neurofeedback. My 8 year old is becoming increasingly aware of how his body and brain work together. At school, this awareness translates to being more focused, attentive, and able to sustain his concentration. He is less disruptive and developing a healthier self-esteem. His improvements are obvious to all those around him, including his teachers, coaches, friends, and classmates. I am optimistic and thrilled with his progress.”


ADD/ADHD treatment in Edmonton“John has been working with our son for 6 months for ADHD therapy and since then we have noticed a difference in the way that our son perceives his condition. Our goal for him is to reduce or remove the dependency on medication and to improve his focus. John’s individual approach is very thoughtful and systematic by giving our son the tools to self-regulate his behavior, with the ability to also practice these skills at home. As well, John’s background in professional sports has given him a very keen insight into how elite athletes are able to focus and excel using these same proven techniques.”

“My family has had the privilege of working with John Stevenson for the past 8 years, first as a goalie coach and as a sports psychologist. John’s reputation as being one of the best in the business does not come as a surprise to me. John has always impressed me with his integrity and his ability to communicate and establish relationships with people in an effective and non-threatening way. John will always go the extra mile for his clients. As a goalie coach and psychologist, John always is always looking at ways to help his clients become the best they can be. John always uses cutting edge drills, ideas and technology to help goalies hone their skills and now he is using Neurofeedback, Neurotracker and Dynavision to help students learn in the classroom.”


“As a goalie, and as a grade 10 student, my son experienced tremendous success while working with John. In the past two years, my son worked with John using Neurofeedback, Neurotracker and the Dynavision technologies. These technologies helped my son see the ice better, helped him remain calm in stressful situations and helped him to increase his focus and ability to concentrate. While these technologies helped my son as a goalie, we noticed the biggest impact in the classroom. After using these technologies, my son was able to make the honor roll for the first time in his academic career. Again, my son states that these technologies helped him stay calm during stressful situations, improved his ability to concentrate and focus his attention in the classroom. For the first time in 10 years, my son enjoys school.”


“As a teacher for the past 20 years, I see Neurofeedback, the Neurotracker and Dynavision technologies helping students from all walks of life. These technologies will help students with Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder to control their impulsivity, and to improve their ability to concentrate in the classroom. I also see this technology helping students to improve their results on Provincial Achievement Exams and on Diploma exams. My family sincerely appreciates John’s efforts to help my son as a goalie and as a student. Again, we feel the traditional methods of Sports Psychology along with Neurofeedback, Neurotracker and Dynavision has helped my son excel in the sport he loves and in the classroom. Thank you, John.”


“My husband and I have been fortunate enough to have had the caring professionals at Zone Performance Psychology work with our daughter for the last six months. Caitlyn, who is now eleven, was diagnosed with AD/HD at the age of 6. Through our years of navigating a system that makes it tough for parents to find answers, we were introduced to John, from Zone, by a work colleague. Finally, we had someone who was willing to treat Caitlyn’s symptoms with more than just medication and was willing to work with our entire family to help her develop both coping and calming strategies. By using these strategies, Caitlyn is not only able to deal with the stresses that come with AD/HD but she has also brought her marks up in all her school subjects. The reports from her teachers acknowledge this and they say she is much calmer and more focused in school. At home, we have not experienced as many major emotional blow outs as we had prior to meeting John. At dance and in her performances, her coaches have also reported a significant increase in her focus, attention and ability. Finally, we have someone who has given us hope…we know our future will always contain AD/HD, but we now have hope that our daughter will be able to navigate her future successfully. I highly recommend giving the professionals at Zone Performance Psychology the opportunity to help you and your family unlock the potential in your children.”

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